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  1. Chaos in East Grinstead, as a large hairpiece has just gone up in flames. Police suspect a discarded cigarette end.
  2. No chance it was a large codpiece
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  3. They put it out with London pride
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  4. Police are hunting a thief who stole an ATM machine today, There are no witnesses and all the police are saying is that the vehicle involved left rust and traces of gold paint :thumbsup:
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  5. @Geordie had to do a 150 mile detour in his Gypsy tonight when the seven bridge was closed to high sided vehicles
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  6. After 250 consecutive days of sunshine Barnsley suffered 10 hours of rain today, a spokesman said
    “Ey it were reet wet op here today”
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  7. A woman in Sheffield was taken to hospital earlier today suffering with what appears was shock , her plumber turned up on the right day and at the time she said she would:thumbsup:
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  9. The priest at Notre-dame cathedral
    Has great faith and said ..
    " Que Serra Serra..mon ami..
    God works in mysterious ways.".....:p
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  10. Pfft.
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