Brazilian Wiper Motor Swap

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  1. Right, had a bit of fun and games with changing my wiper motor the last couple of evenings. Nothing difficult, just a little he's scratching for the uninitiated!!

    The OG motor for my RHD van looks a little like this with the shiney smooth Brazilian motor from JK or VWH next to it.



    The mount is about 30 degrees rotated to the original and looks to me as though it should mount on the little rose of ground terminals that I have under my van dash. I didn't want to remove that so set about modifying.

    The principle is easy, you just need to drill 3 new holes in the long mounting plate to allow you to rotate the motor accordingly. I was worried that the little fold on the motor mounting arm would angle the motor away from the mount incorrectly, but it was ok. The other thing I was concerned about was the fact the motor points upwards at 45 degrees and whether this would hit the dash top, which it doesn't!!

    So... Before removing the original motor, mark a reference point for the rotating arm. This need to go back in the same place for the wipers to park correctly.

    Then align the mounting arm so it faces downwards and mark the position of the mounting screws....



    And drill 3 new holes. I used a 7mm or so bit to have a little bit of freedom to move the motor about... after all I'm no engineer!!



    The Brazilian motor comes with 4 wires hanging loose with spade terminals to be fitted into a plug. I decided to whip the plug off my old motor, along with the ground wire and reuse. That's where the head scratching really started cos VW Brazil changed the wire colours!!

    They are paired up so there is low and high speed wires to the motor and two other wires to the plate. It's no problem to trial and error the two wires to the motor...bIf they're wrong you just have the speeds wrong on the level!!

    If you get the other two wires the wrong way round, they blow a fuse!

    For reference, these are the colours of the wire on my original motor, the terminal number and the colour on the new motor.... I can't vouch that all motors come equipped the same!

    Motor, terminal, brazillian

    Red = 53b = Black / Red
    Green = 53 = Black / Yellow

    Blue = 53a = Black
    Yellow = 31b = Brown / Yellow

    As I said, this is my own situation. A few net searches failed to find a good reference to the wiring issue so hopefully this will help someone else!!


    All installed and lovin the two speed modernity :)
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  2. been doing several sets of wipers today so off the top of my head

    53b high speed
    53 low speed
    53a pos
    31b neg
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    Nice one Andy!
  4. Very nice. Did the thing go back in without fouling anything under the dash? Assume the motor now leans the "wrong" way?
  5. Well done andy:thumbsup:
  6. It's close, but looks like it won't foul... I'm delayed putting the dashtop back in, but will take a photo when it does.
  7. On my bay I found the large white cog had broken up, I bought a GSF motor but took it back, I didn't think of what you done.
    I found that a 1303 wiper motor cog is the same so I swapped it over and it was all good.
    On this other van I have the motor was blowing fuses so I got hold of a 1303 motor complete but had similar problems to you, I got away with it by using the bay motor lid on the 1303 motor housing. Now its all good.
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  9. This is the clearance to the underside of the dashtop, not much, but just enough!!

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