Brake master cylinder reservoir cracked

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Leaking servo reservoir

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  1. Hello all, so my next issue is a crack in the plastic part of the master cylinder . (Reservoir?)
    I drove the bus around the block and noticed I have a tad spot of fluid coming from the crack .
    Can you just change the plastic part on a master cylinder?
    (Bus info)
    It’s a 73 late bay t2 no servo set up discs on front !
    Also where would be the best place to purchase one?
    Has anyone had similar ?
    Many thanks-) Jim
  2. Is it the one under the seat or the one on top of the master cylinder?

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  3. Moons

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    Mine has both (74, no servo), under Seat one feeds the one on top of the master cylinder.
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  4. Several different types make sure you buy the right one. ( or left if its left hand drive ) all the usual places do them
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  5. It’s under the left off the drivers seat r/h drive . I’m the pocket thingy .
  6. Would this cause any issue to braking ability if it’s leaking?
    Also are they just a push fit? Not had a proper look yet !
  7. Only if you're fluid is low.
    Yes push fit.

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  8. No, because the main reservoir is under the floor on top of the master cylinder. The upper one is easily replaced.
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  9. Thank you so much for help . Appreciate it !
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  10. Easy job :thumbsup:

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