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  1. Hi, I'm currently trying to find out why my crankcase is billowing oil smoke into my engine bay through the oil breather hose after a 5 minute trundle around the village. If the worst case scenario is major bottom end failure does anyone have an idea on where I might source a type 4 cj bottom end and how much I need to be spending?
  2. DO NOT use the engine shop in Kent!
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  3. If it’s pressurising the crank case its combustion gasses getting past the piston rings or a damaged/holed piston
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  4. Have you done a compression test yet ?
    Burnt pistons or rings may produce smoke like that, and show up as almost zero compression on one cylinder. These engines run quite well with only three working cylinders, still doing about 50mph.

    This is easy to fix - strip down, clean, flush out metal filings from oil ways, replace pistons and cylinders, lap valve seats..

    The amount you can spend is variable, not helped by the fact that there are no new engine cases for T4 engines made.

    Every recon engine is a lottery : the fact that yours seems to be running means it may be a better candidate to be repaired than buying a recon engine : a pile of somebodys disasters that was somehow lashed up to run again, one reason why different people have cold hatred for every recon engine builder is that its a lottery, and they got a bad one from every builder.

    I see Scat list T4 engines in the USA from a bit above $3000

    Before he stopped making them and went Subaru, Jake Raby in the USA was able to sell T4 "camper specials" for $25000 and people bought them. He stopped because of there being no more new engine cases being available, and other parts becoming low quality.

    It may be cheaper to retro fit your bus with a T1 engine as you can get all components new, even if some builders prefer to reuse some OG parts.. like the JK Preservation Parts engines ..
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  5. Cheers dude. I'll get a compression test done. It's a new to end but I wonder if I remembered to check all the piston rings were staggered....:oops:
  6. I'll do a pressure test! Cheers!
  7. I got my long lock from TES and happy with it.
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  8. Cheers I'll check em out. Hopefully it's not necessary but always worth having the options/ prices to hand.
  9. Go on then who are TES? Not having much luck online. Cheers
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  11. Aaah, so desu ka!
  12. I had a short block from them... nothing but trouble.... block failed... went back to be fixed..came back with leaky flywheel oil seal & cross threaded gland nut...went back to be fixed......eventually seized solid after only 3600 miles... out of 12m warranty :mad: Never EVER again!!
  13. And yet there are many happy owners too...
    Trouble is its a lottery.

    GENERAL Comment not specifically aimed at anybody..

    Sometimes whatever really was the root cause of the original engine needing replacement is still hiding in the ancilliaries that were swapped over from the blown up engine.
    Distributor timing/advance, leaky manifolds, carburettor can all help destroy an engine.
    And sometimes as they say in IT, PEBKAC.

    Or should that be PEBSAP.. (Problem exists between Seat and Pedal) .. for example watch this video...
    This guy at least finally realised where some of his problems were..
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  15. Did you do a bed in run for the piston rings to bed to the cylinders?
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  16. Ring position's very unlikely to cause problems. They're going to move around anyway.
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  18. Yeah I was just chatting to someone about this. I live on a steep hill so unwittingly have done pretty much exactly that without the faintest idea about it. As I'm sure you're all gathering I'm not up to speed on the finer points of this engine building. Always learning and welcome the input.
  19. The problem in supplying a short block is so much can go wrong in building it up into a full engine,so many suppliers wont do them.
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