Bolting on side pans

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ermintrude, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Hahaha! Since your first post I’ve been saying that in a dodgy Eastern Europe accent! Thought it was just me :D
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  2. Neider.. a vant it fur ma armpit...

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  3. Had ti find it....

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  4. Use the aerosols , they come with a half metre probe so you can stuff it into the chosen cavity , press the button and slowly withdraw . As for the sills - you`ll never get a spray gun anywhere near the insides ....

    Superb product , think i bought 4 which was plenty .

  5. We really should get this done too..

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  6. Do it, fella. Bays rot from the inside out...
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  7. +1 for Dynax products.
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  8. Hahahaha! That’s it! :D

    Sooo childish. Soooooooooo funny!
  9. So 4 cans of S50 per van...? And watch Lady Lisa's progress phots...after the heat exchangers are connected ...

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  10. Four cans does seem to do the trick...
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  11. Cans? Cans? I’m on pints!

    Landlord. Obviously :)
  12. If you use enough big enough bolts and they are tight, bolting will be sufficient to stiffen the for self tappers.. if the panel does anything they will tear out..
    And then you can inspect and clean.. welding them repeats the mistake.

    It might even be that just fitting crossed over tension wires would add enough extra stiffness

    A while back at TE we discussed @Ozziedog an idea of making removable vented and drained fibreglass panels to act as a way of stopping dirt getting in without trapping water.

    The Devon panels are a bodge. If you look at the original centre panel it has a big hole in it to let water out and air to circulate. The side panels are just bare tin sheets...
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  13. The later side pans have holes in, I assume to letter water out, maybe I should get those?
  14. Sounds better.
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  15. Imo holes also let mud n crap in , water shouldn’t get in really and will get out if it does , just make sure it’s all protected . And if your that worried take them off every morning and check :D
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  16. i think the original ones did a sterling job for the last 46 years but i do want to make sure i'm doing what's best for the next 46!

    I still won't be any more precious with him, he'll still be living outside and being yomped around muddy fields :D
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  17. :eek: Muddy fields ma lady what Eva next :eek:
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  18. Who knows what adventures await ;)
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  19. The lovely Peter Fletcher has advised ...

    He recommends welding on the later style side pans - 'spot welds will be fine and can be cut through' and as the later ones have holes in i can get a torch in to keep an eye on whats going on/ squirt wax in. He did say they're strengthening rather than structural - not sure of the difference but if he advises putting them back on, that's what i'm doing.

    He also said that if there was a problem the pans would probably need replacing anyway so could just weld the buggers on as usual and forget about them for another few decades :D
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  20. But did you tell him you needed a spare knicker draw :eek:

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