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  1. When not using air cooling I take this out

    1986 944
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  2. It’s another flat four for me:

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  3. I ride in style.... or I like to think I do

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  4. Surely ready for a transplant
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  5. I had two identical ones for a while and the thought did occur to me. With 212,000 on the clock the other one wasn’t worth much, but as I’d done 208,000 of them I couldn’t bring myself to break it up.
    Besides, would you want a bus with 265bhp?? It sounds fun but I think it would end in tears!

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  6. 1972 Puch Maxi

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  7. Here’s my new (to me) distraction, 15 years old with only 8900 miles covered. Had a few Dukes in the past however never this old when purchased. Complicated V Twin, belt driven, quad cam, mechanical valves & electronic fuel injection built by Italians who have just wondered back from a long lunch with vino - to quote Top Gear “what could possibly go wrong”. :eek:
    Best bit is I was supposed to be buying a Sid Sensible BMW 1200GS or Triumph Tiger Sport however I am weak and seem to have trouble growing up! Classic case of it won’t hurt to have a look, after that all my tiny male brain could come up with was: its very red,it’s very Italian, it sounds great and I want it! Lots. 9CA21792-4DA5-4190-B30A-3BAEE762A8D1.jpeg

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  8. I take this one (usa midget) out on sunny days but broke my arm on Saturday so wont be driving anything for two months. Worst bit had to sell my tickets for alive dubbin and Rolling Stones live in London two weeks time. IMG_0006.JPG
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