FOR SALE Big bore exhaust and box of beetle/ spliitty tinware ' sold

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    I have a box of parts from the beetles and vans I’ve owned for sale if anyone is interested. It’s what’s in the pictures. I will sell it all for £60 collected from Kidderminster ( will post at your expense) or individually if you know which bit you want.

    I will do the exhaust for £15 Ono and the box of tinware for £45 Ono if anyone wants either.

    Contact me on here via message. M
    3E43A19E-18F5-484D-A715-417A2DF6766C.jpeg 1B6C6C4F-0328-4EC8-9F54-3C8C5F70F95F.jpeg 3F5E817E-BEA2-4444-906F-D751F544B078.jpeg 1B6C6C4F-0328-4EC8-9F54-3C8C5F70F95F.jpeg C62E44E3-9A18-43B0-BDA6-7FB6D1F96C19.jpeg
  2. If there’s bus tinware that’d fit mine....

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    I don't think there is any bus tinware pieces on there Lisa. I could be wrong, but pretty certain I gave all the bus stuff away previously. If there is you are welcome to it at mates rates.
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    Put this on ebay and sold it for considerably more than I would have been happy with from the good people of TLB . Ker ching. Happy days :thumbsup:
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