Best way to lower front end?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Pete The Greek, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Hi guys. .the back end on my westy is a good height but I want to lower the front just a few inches. I don't want to spoil the stock ride..any ideas / advice please... View attachment 79676
  2. Feed the Mrs Doughnuts.
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  3. She's a salad dodger already...
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  4. Front height looks ok to me, it will be higher if you get out and look at it.

    Dropped spindles will give a couple of inches drop, without having to weld in adjusters.
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  5. Hey bud, The Castle was great as always. If you just fit adjusters on the front of the beam top and bottom, then you can get down an inch or two but no more and you’ll retain a decent ride. Anything over two inches and you’ll have serious ball joint issues. You could raise the rear a spline or two for next to nothing just to get it more level. Watched a great ad from back in the day and it was an ad for telly with a brand new 72 bus whizzing around all over the place and that one looked like he was on his way to Saturn next stop , serious rakin no gee. I got T Haus spindles with reversed ball joints and there is a ride compromise for sure, and with assisted springing from coil over shocks and smaller tyres etc etc etc, it all mounts up. I’ve needed to replace some of these ball joints and the chrome on the balls has disappeared leaving extremely rusty balls which have ruined the joints-and this is the second one to go, so I’m not a fan anymore. T Haus want £65 per joint on an exchange basis to fit new ball joints. So the up shot is I’m now having to convert my garage doors and raise the lintol so I can get mine back to stock and do away with these spindles, now that’ll happen this winter I guess. I might even go over stock and introduce some nice looking off road rubber and peep in bedroom windows from the drivers seat ;):):)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,the bloody list gets longer and longer:)
  6. Feed the back end new doughnuts ...the rubber rings at the end of the torsion bar may have partly collapsed, leading to droop and spring plates that waggle from side to side a bit..

    These are a few pounds each and a lot of faff to fit. But cheap and stock.. and while its apart you can tweak each side ride height too..
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  7. It’s like “deja vu” all over again..
  8. It’s like “deja vu” all over again..
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  9. Smaller wheels and low profile tyres

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  10. Overweight passenger

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