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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by bagpus, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Ive been chopping out all the bad repairs & rust underneath my late T2 and will very shortly be ready to weld in new. Is there much difference between the quality of panels from the mainstream T2 suppliers in the U.K. and are there any strong preferred suppliers?

    I have a 79 Moonraker Double top and need all the normal parts- inner and outer sills, jacking points top hat section, front and rear arches, door skins & bottoms plus all the smaller repair sections so want to make the right decision on who to buy

    BTW I'm using the Haynes Restoration Manual and it is really good for someone new to buses.

    Any advice appreciated
  2. call A H Schofilelds.
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  3. Schofields
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  4. davidoft

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    AH Schofields are very good, I have quite a few spare new panels that would save you some money @bagpus
  5. ×1 for Alan Schofields. The JK preservation parts jacking points etc are good too.
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  6. Schofield seem to be a winner, thanks for the replies. @Davidoff I have sent a pm
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  7. Schofields are lovely, always have been. Always worth asking for a cheeky discount too! :)
  8. "latebay" as discount code gets you 5% on their website orders
  9. Collect st a show = 10% off

    Everthing fitted beautifully when
    the time came ....

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  10. I know but calling can be better!
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  11. Another vote for Schofields, and I really rate Autocraft Engineering aswell, you’ll find they supply alot of good panels to the main supplier. Klassicfab as supplied by Custom&Commercial are worth a mention - bit limited for bay stuff but the range is getting larger, and a bit more pricey than the others mentioned.
  12. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their knowledge.
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  13. I replaced all sills both sides with JK ones. They were really good quality - thick steel, electrophoretically coated and an excellent fit.

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