Best movie soundtrack EVER.

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    The right hand is, the left hand was a local player called Mike Addis. He's playing an open back banjo but the sound is a resonator banjo.
    The whole sequence is actually dubbed from a recording by the original composers.
  2. Pink Floyd did some pretty good soundtracks.
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    The harder they come
    Breaking glass
    Saturday night fever
    Good morning Vietnam
    Apocalypse now
    The Omen
    The greatest rock n roll swindle
    The song remains the same
    Elvis Presley films
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  4. If you haven't heard of this movie really must see it.
  5. Spinal tap

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  6. The Mission.
    Baby Driver’s soundtrack is great but not an original score of course.
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  7. This has brought out some CD's I haven't listened to for years.
  8. That is proper movie knowledge.
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  9. Proper spoiled the film for me now :(
    Have you seen Jonny Mizzone playing that tune?
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  10. The bad Lieutenant
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    I'm a banjo player and a fan of Bluegrass.
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  12. Seen them at wembley awesome!
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  13. The Jazz singer!
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  14. That was @Barry Haynes in his younger days :thumbsup:
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  15. Guardians of the galaxy
  16. The Commitments - it owns my record for seeing a film at the cinema, 6 times and thanks to Andrew Strong's dad Rob Strong I got to see James Brown play at the Point in Dublin for free, supported by the Commitments
    Blues Brothers
    Lost Boys

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  17. That says a lot.:p
    Am I on the list Don?:)
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  18. Amadeus. By definition, end of. No need to add owt else.
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    You are now.
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