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  1. Ive got some decent quality carpet in the van but decent quality doesn't appear to mean rot proof .. Unfortunately the carper got a bit wet unbeknownst to me . Long story short, the carpet is rotten, and the van stinks .. didn't take much , The wife stores her magazines under the passenger seat along with a bottle of water.. Her backside compressing the seat squished the bottle, popped the cap and soaked the magazines and the carpet.. and it sat that way for long enough for things to go mold and stinky..

    I whipped the seat out and cleaned the carpet as best as, including a liberal dose of fragrant disinfectant, and all was good for a while but a stinky carpet is hard to disguise..

    Te upshot is im looking for a supplier of rot free nylon backed durable carpet to replace the stuff thats there

    Its just the cab area ..

    Currently German square weave ( waste of money that was ) .. Contacted a supplier and they recon the square weave is show only quality.. viz, it aint water or rot proof..

    I dont mind buying a roll of carpet, using the stuff there now as templates and having the edges bound ..
  2. What’s the matter with rubber ;)?
  3. It will bring him back to the days of wetting the bed :eek:;)
  4. Rubber.. nah.. thats for builders vans .. You need a bit of comfort and detail, a consolation for the fact these vans are pretty crap.. :)
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  5. Nice bit of Axminster?
  6. When we were young my mate hung his arse over the top balcony, Shelley House, on the winstanley estate ( that is 22 floors high) and Marmite when we went down stairs it looked like an Axminster carpet :eek:
    Just thought I would share that with you all
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    Is this the inspiration for Enid Blytons rare export only ‘Five Go Scat Play’ book?

    My understanding is each also tries Hippy Crack and Dogging. All except Timmy. Obvs.
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  8. Astroturf
  9. That was useful thanks for your input ..
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  10. Lol. You gotta love the late bay. Not one sensible answer. Bloody love this forum.
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  11. VW heritage do cab carpets for about £50.
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    Shag pile the way to go :)

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  14. Excuse me how about my reply:thumbsup:
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  15. Flotex..
  16. Try rugs 4 bugs or Harrison trim supplies Cleckheaton.
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  17. I used solid oak laminate, as we had some spare, and a rug. Simple.
  18. E249E905-8ABD-44D7-AC9B-64901D620902.jpeg
  19. Amtico
  20. What's the laminate like over the seat tubs? Bit boxy?
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