Best carb for 1600 twinport

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  1. Which is best carb for 1600 twinport. 20170528_200028.jpg 20170528_200028.jpg 20170528_200028.jpg
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  3. Can it bolt straight in to bus in pic. I have put new coil loads etc.. on. She is running rich
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    Looks like you have a pict 30 with a conversion plate maybe, but yes you can, is that a reproduction or genuine carb ?
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  5. Looks like one of Mr Wongs, :) I would ditch the 009 and get a SVDA dissy !
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  6. ^this.
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  7. Change the manifold boots as well.
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  8. All the above really ...

    Genuine 34pict3 Solex needed and swap the 009 dizzy for a Accuspark vac advance unit .

    You`ll notice the difference immediately :D

  9. Dont know it's a h30
  10. Is that not a 1500 carb.
  11. I dont know.
  12. Start with a 34PICT-3 and an SVDA..

    And they do tend to run rich anyway , its a part of the cooling...

    Watch out for that aluminium alternator pulley too.. had one of those that got chewed up by the Woodruff key and helped destroy the alternator by loosening the Woodruff key so it rattled itself to death making the key slot permanently knackered...and there is no way of properly adjusting belt tension.
    Just get a stock style replacement. Less cool but the alternator belts last more than 400 miles before turning to black dust
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  13. Thanks everyone
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  14. Electronic or points?[​IMG]

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  15. Up to you but I bought the SVDA leccy version...

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  16. Does the electric version need anything else to work or is it a straight swap I've a 09 none vac at the mo.
    Also this maybe a daft question...
    but I dont have a servo one of the lads in the pub said I can't have a vac dissy because of this? Is that right?

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  17. You need a vacume pipe from the dizzy to the inlet manifold (or carb, can't remember which one but the brainy kids will tell you)
    And the servo has nowt to do with it
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  18. Servo uses a manifold vacuum which is maximum at idle and totally wrong for the distributor. This is also used for powering the hot air flap in the air cleaner, another performance enhancement provided as stock.

    The ported vacuum for the dissy is arranged so at throttle closed it is zero, at part throttle it is maximum and it is zero at at wide open throttle . Increases torque significantly. Protects against turning pistons to misty metal with pinking..

    When all is good you can beat a Nissan Micra off the line at the lights...
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  19. So to swap out my 09 with electronic is a straight swap nothing else needed Mike?[​IMG]

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