Bertie's Journey! 1973 panel van

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Louise, May 21, 2019.

  1. Just noticed the flames embossed in the mattress cover over the engine bay.

    That would spook me !

    Really like the rear opening window though.
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  2. They are standard vents on panel vans
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  3. Hi Louise

    It would be a good idea if we could get a knowledgeable member near you to come and have a look over your van for you.

    I think there’s going to be some issues that need sorting before you set about painting.

    There’s an awful lot of filler in the rear end of the bus the rear corner has rotted where the battery tray sits and the rear of the rhs rear arch looks to be the same
    Rot and filler in this area often extends further I’m afraid.
  4. Taking it back to metal panel by panel to see what is going on, is the plan. Repaint as I go along.
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  5. Hoping to get a service & once over by a recommended garage who deals in VWs near me. Am Torquay based & have had some recommended on Facebook.
  6. Oh there’s embossed flames everywhere! Weird!
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  7. Yeah - I love the front seats
  8. hey Louise, is that the workshop in Redditch? I’m thinking of going...
  9. Yes! I’m booked on the June date.
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  10. I booked on yesterday, see you there :thumbsup:
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  11. Mini TLB meet up!!

    Have fun both :)
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  12. Thanks, even if I retain 10% of the workshop it’ll be worth going!
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  13. Intended on taking out Bertie's interior to begin prep for interior paint. Going from the inside, out. A bit of a rollercoaster in finds. Found foam harbouring dead spiders, some epic rust by one of the side vents, broken down polystyrene under the headliner, animal droppings in the headliner (but it has no holes, so I just don't get how they got in there, surface rust on the roof, some sound side panels and a bulkhead with loads of random drilled holes in.
    Was able to take out the shelving unit thing behind the driver's sear & it seems so much brighter in there, I think visibility is going to be better!!!

    Looking at him inside now, I feel a bit... OMG what to do, where to start. Couldn't get the rock & roll bed out at it's bolted to the floor & I need to hold the nut and unscrew the bolt at the same time. How do people do that alone?!

    IMG_8505.jpg IMG_8514.jpg IMG_8516.jpg IMG_8526.jpg IMG_8529.jpg IMG_8530.jpg IMG_8531.jpg
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  14. I am in love with all the retro styling it gets my vote along with the round rear lights
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  15. I love those lights!
  16. Tearing all them layers away...take heart I've seen a lot worse... Looks like you are going to place your own stamp on it for sure - looking forward to following your journey!
  17. Started clearing out the rest of Bertie’s interior, uncovered wiring hell. Having trouble getting the rock & roll bed off on my own due to the bolt being in the van & nut being in the wheel arch. Uncovered more rust under the floor. Not sure if I need to remove the webasto as I definitely won’t be able to get to the nuts in the middle of the floor without a lift.
    Not sure where to start, interior roof, floor or walls...!




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  18. How did the welding course go?!
  19. Great progress :thumbsup:
  20. Amazing! Totally confident to do little bits & pieces now. :)
    On the hunt for a cheap MIG welder now for that pesky vent! And some little holes I've found in the floor.
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