Berlin in Cumbria

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  1. I’m Terry and came across LateBays at Tatton Park. Travelled down from Cumbria and spotted a bright jaffa Westfalia Berlin just like my Moby who is an 1800 with fuel injection. She came in from eastern USA about 10 years ago and she has no modifications. She’s pretty well the same as the day she came off the production line. I’ve tried hard to keep her original.
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    Hello from Cheshire, missed Tatton this year for the first time in years
  3. Hi Terry - welcome from West Lancashire- I was there with my White Westy . The bright jaffa one belongs to Karl @mousey
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent.
  5. Hi terry welcome to the late bay. Let’s see some photos then
  6. Welcome from a sunny Notts :)
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    Welcome along. I’m also from Cheshire but members of my family keep getting married Tatton weekend so I missed it again this year.
  8. Hello.
    Terry from Dearham by any chance?
  9. Welcome from North Lancs , I was also at Tatton ( as usual ) best single day vw event on the calender IMHO , where in coolest cumbria are you based ? :TTIWWP:
  10. Welcome from sunny Barnsley :thumbsup:
  11. Yes that’s me
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  12. I'm Martin from Maryport. My inlaws live in the bungalow opposite Pow Hall, round the corner from Dearham post office.
    I popped round a few years back when you had your Westy on the drive.
  13. Howdy from Kentish enjoy :thumbsup:
  14. Hi from Manchester :)
  15. Hi from West Sussex

  16. Hi we only managed weekend in the bus at camper jam so far, we did another weekend in Coniston but we only had the awning as the bus was in or repairs (very coasy). From sunny cumbria

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