Bay on top gear tonight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Moons

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  2. I think I just wet myself
  3. Not disappointing plenty of LOL moments :lol:
  4. That was awesome
  5. Didn’t think it would make it to that altitude. Respect :thumbsup:
  6. Merlin Cat

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    I might do that extra oxygen thing if it helps me get up hills
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  7. PIE


    It was as much split as it was a bay!
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  8. Dam was looking forward to this, how long does catch-up TV take to watch it got side tracked:lol:
  9. Months :D
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  10. Were you that hippy shouting at the telly?
  11. Just watched it .....its on catch up within minutes.
  12. More split than bay to be fair. The front panels are not true bay ones, they are slightly narrower to fit the 15 window back end.

    There is a thread over on thesamba discussing the nose ends and uniqueness
  13. I saw it What was it? Some sort of Brazilian split/bay hybrid?
  14. I know but Geord doesn’t :thumbsup:
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  15. Diary of a wimpy kid film was on today too. Silly family film but had a corker of a t2 westfalia that stared in it.
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  16. How did the electrolysis oxygen thing work? Was that bull?

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  17. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    it was the South American styley. I saw some for sale in Spain like that and thought they were dodgy fakes but then did some research and found they weren’t :)
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  18. PIE


    I think you will find that most of the split community class South American vans as dodgy fakes, theres quite a lot of discussion on the topic on FB and the SSVC, thesamba and the like.
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  19. Snobs! Don't think I'd want one to be fair.
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  20. PIE


    They are great for your wedding hire types as they are a lot cheaper and to the lay man hireing one would not have a clue or even care.
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