Barneys pics that some didnt see at Queens Head Foulsham Bash

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by Barneyrubble, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Don’t expect you knew bernie, Ian passed away earlier this year , un believable seeing him in the pic , very sad , he was such a great bloke and he’s music used to make a camp out , we will raise a glass to him at Christmas RIP Ian . Hope you are both well ,barney :thumbsup:
  2. OH RIP Ian, sad to hear this, it was a hard working man and he loves his work i understand when we meet and talk with him in the pub.
    We are both well, and hope you 2 are well to. Greets from Bert and Marian.
  3. Sorry Bert my old brain gets letters jumbled , we are ok ish thanks :thumbsup:
  4. @Barneyrubble

    Just read your post on Ian passing away, we are sorry to hear that, me n Chelle knew him from camps with Woody. He was a lovely chap.
    Please pass our condolences on would you :(
  5. @MorkC68 still can’t believe it mate , who knows huh ,surprised you didn’t know ,he made our camps with his dj music memories ,very sad :(
  6. I honestly didn’t know Barn. This past year has been an odd one, several people have passed away and things have been put into perspective. That said, I’m visiting the Drs monthly with blood pressure issues.

    That said, one life live it & when your tome comes...

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