Barbershop Bay Bus Build

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Josh Hough, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Especially if you have got good core components (ie, std bore case and a non reground crank) which don't need anything other than polishing
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  2. Is that just for the kit and a DIY fit? Blimey doing mine myself was even more of a bargain than I thought. BUT fellows stuff is damn good and their conversions don't have any I as far as I have seen
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  3. 5 grand to buy the parts to put a 300 quid engine in your bus yourself! Crikey!
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  4. Some of their bits seem reasonably priced, then some prices are 'super scene taxed' for example, brass fuel barb 8mm £35 - you can get one from eBay delivered for £2!
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  5. yea i completely agree with that. scene tax sucks haha. well iv just been and picked up an arc welder and grinder for when the project starts.... not sure when yet
  6. hopefully saying good bye to the ibiza tomorrow so bit more going into the bay pot

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