Baldrick - The (soon to be) Bjorn again Swedish DOKA

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Jono1249, May 21, 2016.

  1. As may have already been noted, we have a new vehicle to add to the TLB collective but it is going to need a fair bit of work doing on it.
    Baldrick is a '77 crew cab, imported from Sweden this year and bought from FBI VW this week. That is all the history I have on the vehicle other than the details found on the m-plate.
    The main work will be sorting out the bottom 6 inches of the body work, chassis, etc. Then it's engine service, brake service etc to get it an MOT. This will be done by Malc at 181 Classic Motors at Newark where he's letting me get my hands dirty with other bits and pieces including being the tea boy. Looking forward to the learning curve.
    The cab, considering its a 39 year old commercial vehicle is relatively spotless. No tears in the original seats and the dash board is better than in my '79 Westie. Down side is that it has a wooden laminate accelerator pedal and the rear crew bit gathers water from the flat bed. (The rain drains down the open rivet holes in the flat bed and then into the cab.)

    I'll add photos from underneath once it gets on the ramp but that will be in a couple of weeks.
  2. Nice Doka and great name.
    As you have called it Baldrick you will have to get a turnip to put on the dash board!
  3. Blackadder: Baldrick, I've always been meaning to ask: Do you have any ambitions in life apart from the acquisition of turnips?

    Baldrick: Er, no.

    Blackadder: So what would you do if I gave you a thousand pounds?

    Baldrick: I'd get a little turnip of my own.

    Blackadder: So what would you do if I gave you a million pounds?

    Baldrick: Oh, that's different. I'd get a great big turnip in the country.
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  4. Very nice. Please say you aren't gonna slam it.
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  5. looks ready to roll ,I have dropside envy....:D
  6. No. Intend to keep it stock and keep the battered patina.
  7. looks like your wifes sorted you from driving her work wagon then [​IMG]
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    Looks good as is
  9. :lol:
  10. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Drove past it yesterday - looks lovely ;)
  11. Should have knocked on the door. I'd have got the kettle on.
  12. [​IMG]
    261-201-119. The real number of the devil.
    My dream of getting this project on the road has nearly de-railed because of this.
    A poxy £5 piece of rubber that my DOKA lacks cannot be found on the interweb in UK, US or Europe (Kieft and Klok even said good luck!).
    Fortunately mentioned it on the VW Crew Cab Fan Club on FB and they came back with fitting a T25 filler neck. Not ideal but works.
    And breath.
  13. Not moved the DOKA for three weeks and I found this on the floor underneath it this morning. Saves me taking it off!
    It's on it's way to have the welding etc done for MOT via the Bus Stopover at Newark.
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  14. Well Baldrick has gone in today for surgery. Loads of rust underneath which I expected. Loads of bits ordered from Schofields, FBIVW and Volkshaven. Loads of money gone from the bank.
    All the sills, out riggers etc and bottom 6'' of body work

    Thats where the snail fan should go!

    Fuel tank out. Not too bad but not looking forward to getting my 6'04'' body in the gap to paint it.

    THE devils piece 261-201-119 or whats left of it.

    The 'Y' tube for the breathers pipes. Another difficult bit to find but big 'thank you' to @vwed for coming to the rescue. The one from ours was held together with electricians tape!
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    Your fuel tank floor is better than mine was , I spent ages in there welding 2 inches from my nose :thumbsup:
  16. Rather you than me. I'll find out what it felt like to be a chimney sweep in Dickensian times as it doesn't have a treasure chest like a single cab but those two small hatches accessible though the rear cab where the seats were. Joy.
  17. Jono...what is that yellow thing over your pedals?I assume anti theft....can you supply details of how fitted, cost,supplier please.
    They are heavy but very solid. Ideal if you have you park your bus on the drive rather than garage.
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  19. nice bus - glad you're keeping the patina :)
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  20. Mine still is....:hattip:

    I've just "got" the title...:D
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