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  1. For the purists among you I apologise in advance. My bus isn't really going to be like any original version, however I hope to make it an original bus. This is my tie dye front badge idea:
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  2. that could look fantastic on a plain(ish) front!
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  3. Mine is yellow so I think it'll stand out OK.
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  4. The colours, maaaaan...
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  5. :eek::eek::eek:
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  6. Mines hidden by a ugly covered always been flat spare tire..:(
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  7. Peace and love man
  8. What about tie dye seat covers?
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  9. I have nice grey leather Saab jobs which could be heated if I wire them up. But I do have more hippy ideas for the inside :D
  10. Mirror ball? Swirly wallpaper? Bong?
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  11. You’re going to line everything in fur aren’t you.

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  12. He'll just "blend in" when he's got his tye dyed Jean's on so you won't see him!!!

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  13. Could go for the leopardskin bordello look :thumbsup:
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  14. All these ideas! Keep 'em coming :)
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  15. Mirrors on the ceiling? Or is that going too far?
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  16. It’s going to look something like this Moroccan hippy hangout hotel in the Atlas Mountains I hung out at a few years ago.

    It was cool. Man.


    Mellow even..

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  17. Ommmmmm...
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  18. Long job ...i have had my time with Dylan dyes .
  19. Is that the new Ikea collection:lol:
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  20. Inspired!
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