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  1. Got it booked into a mechanic since I can't understand where the pipe goes! Will keep you posted
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  2. You don't want to put it off so :thumbsup:
    PS ... Give it a serious clean as suggested by @Bulletooth before driving it to the mechanic.
    Might be worth copying/re starting this thread in "mech tech" or "general" discussion so you get some advice on where the pipe goes ...
    @davidoft ?
    @Baysearcher ?
    @paulcalf ?
    @paneuropaul ?
    @SkutterBob ?
    ..... anyone?
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  3. Thanks! I've indeed got a thread going here http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads/oil-leak.78186/
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  4. Hey, just checked out this thread after getting the smell of fuel through the airvents, and now very concerned! Just checked my 1973 out and unless I'm missing something, I appear to be missing nearly the entire length of metal tubing across the top engine compartment. The tube stops at the T so there's nothing going across the length or down towards the air filter . i'm obviously not driving it anywhere now I've seen this - can someone advise where I can I get old of replacement metal tubing or equivelent?
  5. It's a 7mm o/d metal tube which connects to the air filter with a flexible piece. I found someone breaking a bus who gave me a section of tube. You need to check all the flexi connectors on both breather pipes back to the tank. The one behind the spare wheel well is a bit of a bugger but if you take out the nearside tail light it's a lot easier to see.it.
  6. Thanks Mark, is the tube running along the length of the back of the engine compartment ceiling also the same? Anything thats more readily available from JK/VW Heritage etc that I can use as an alternative?
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    Worst case use a bit of fuel hose.
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

  9. Read through this thread and need to check something..... replacing the breather connections, starting with the little "red" one.
    Even after soaking in boiling water and a liberal amount of lubrication, 5.6mm refuses to go on ..... the next size appears to be 7.3mm which is too large surely.?
    Is 5.6mm the correct one or is there one a tad bigger ?
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    Should be able to get 6mm
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  11. Great, will do some more searching!
  12. After lots of searching for decent stuff, put Gates into EBay .... result... ordered from Moss !

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