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  1. reaching out to all the clever folks for some advice
    i am going to convert my 2l van into an auto and will be picking up all the items soon
    as far i am aware what i need is:

    selector and cable
    kickdown switch/wiring
    torque converter
    drive plate/bolts
    rear gearbox mount
  2. what do you mean?
  3. @Razzyh has an auto gear box and may be interested in swapping it for a manual gear box (eg yours).
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  4. I’m afraid not interested in swapping. Once I need to change I’m going to put a scooby box in. I don’t see the point in swapping out otherwise.

    Happy to try and offer some assistance. I have the earlier type 003 box.
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  5. There are two models, which you probably know about. I have the later 010 box if that's the one you are going for (though it sounds like it's an early if it's got electric kick down).
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  6. PIE


    Starter motor
    flex plate
    a way of picking up the vacuum if its an 003
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  7. Vacuum is easy. You need a non return valve & t into the brake vacuum.
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  8. I wasn't aware there was 2 types I was only assuming because I have a type 3 auto with electric kickdown. I don't have the box as yet but picking it up later this week. So 010 box uses a cable kickdown?
  9. Yes this is so. The accelerator cable which also operates kick down comes back from pedal to box, then on to the carbs by means of a solid cranked rod. There's no vacuum involved as the gears change in accordance with engine speed.
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  10. so either way its a simple idea and easily transferred, thanks
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  13. I have just picked up all the bits and it's a later type with the cable kick down and I have all cables rods ect. The only parts I am missing is the central small shaft in the gearbox and the rear mount, the rubber is there but the male piece is missing. Hoping the guy will find them.
  14. PIE


    The mount is hard to find nobody repros them
  15. If it's any use here are some pics. camper 336web.jpg camper 335web.jpg
    The male part is a simple slab of metal with two slots in it so should be fairly easy to replicate.
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  16. Thanks for that. I think that should pretty simple.

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