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  1. the old girl is finally on the road, mot'd, taxed and nearly everything refited
    the first outing was a round trip of about 50 miles and whilst approaching home up a relatively steep hill it hapenned...
    kick down into 2nd followed by a squeel/screech similar to a slipping fan belt. but not quite. :'(
    my initial reaction is that whatever witchcraft goes on inside the autobox has malfunctioned....
    other than giving the box an oil change there's f***all i can do with it!!
    any ideas? anyone know of a good reliable autobox specialist??
  2. Is it me or has Late Bay still not quite got working yet? I did a quick reply to this and it vanished.

    Anyway to summarise. I've got a troubleshooting manual for this - send me a PM and I can email it to you. Probably not much you can do other than check the fluid however.

    I used Auto Transmissions in Huddersfield. Very efficient, effective but expensive.
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