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  1. For my thread on cooking. .
    However, it IS the best way to cook poultry. Cockerels,inparticular, as they are tougher due to being a more fibrous meat.

    Some people get the wrong idea...
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  3. Do I sense a thread title edit?
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  4. I got told off...
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    Careful now
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  6. i do that with turkey at xmas:thumbsup::rolleyes::)
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  7. You mean to say I stood on my head for nothing :p
  8. Three Hail Marys and we'll say no more about it.
  9. I stick a cut in half lemon and garlic and chicken stock up its kyber and baste regularly , spit roast is good too .:)
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  10. Works, dosnt it!? No where near as dry!
  11. Have you been listening to Gwyneth Paltrow again :rolleyes:?
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  12. No I don’t like him
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  13. Didn’t he narrate Ivor the Engine?

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