anyone familiar with weber 34 ict carbs ?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by bezy, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Hi, have a weber 2.5 low pressure fuel pump fitted.
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  2. That’s the sucker!

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  3. Ignition module - 10 minutes to swap . Don't remove the distributor if you're not able to retime the engine .

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  4. Its interesting that Accuspark insist you fit thermal grease under the module to help cooling.
    Probably worth it with a Pertronix too.. the stuff they use for CPU heatsinks in PCs will do.

    Also dont forget an old coil may just be heating up and breaking down after an hour.

    Or maybe the engine is on the edge of overheating due to air leaks or jet blockage and is almost siezing up or it is losing compression because it is extremely hot.

    What ever you do, change one thing at a time until its fixed.

    After an hour is really when it has stabilised at running temperature , whatever your engine runs at. Two of my engines needed help to run at less than 120 degrees C, the latest has difficulty reaching 100..all same carburettor jetting , electronic ignition etc.
    They all lasted at least 28000 miles each..
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  5. Have ordered the new ignition module today. Hopefully This will solve it.

    Was having a look at symptoms of faulty ignition modules and it does sound just like our fault.

    I'll update post when I've fitted it.
    Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone on this thread for all the advice
    Cheers mike.
  6. My money is on the carbs overfilling :thumbsup:
  7. Hi all,

    Ignition module came today, fitted it straight away.

    Went out and van has run well, looking good and I hope this has now solved it.

    I did notice on removing the old module that no thermal grease had been placed under it by previous fitter.

    Wonder if the old module had fried with the heat.

    Thanks again to everyone for their input and advice
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  8. Good luck.

    Don’t worry about the thermal grease not being there previously as originally they did not use it.
    In my opinion it is a bit of a mad idea to use it with a VW as the heat is all coming from below and so transferring more heat into the module whereas with a lot of engines the distributor maybe at an angle so thermally that is not the case.
    In any case I fitted mine a couple of years ago and had no further issues so hopefully yours is sorted too

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