FOR SALE Anyone doing an interior?

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  1. Due to a change of direction the bundle of bits I have been collecting are now going spare.

    There is a Smev Sink and a seperate Hob, both used but in good condition. Both have some minor marks on the glass lids, that I couldn't pick up with my phone camera, but they are there. These items are used and have age/wear marks on them. If you are building a show bus, probably not for you.
    I have bought new bump stop grommet things for the lids and these for little bits of rubber were eye wateringly expensive.
    A new tap, taken out of the packet to ensure it fits in the sink (it does).
    A new waste and plug thingy.
    A water container, I was going to use this for waste and buy a new one for water.
    Some rubber to seat the Sink/Hob on.
    5 door button latches, new and complete.
    Some hinges, small 26mm cabinet ones, new and some used offset pin ones.
    Joining block things and some screws, again used.
    A table rail and 3 ends (3, why 3???)
    A turnbuckle.
    A safe, made from Chineseium (but heavy) with key.
    2 new fold out cupholders.
    The all important beer opener (no beer, it's er vanished, burp, hiccup)
    An under van waste outlet connector.
    A couple of tailgate hinge covers, that are not in the best shape and have been covered in stretch fabric.

    I'm looking for £200 for the lot.

    You are welcome to collect from Sherborne, I'm happy to pack it all up and send it, but it will be heavy and expensive, or I can probably get it brought to Techenders for 4x Thatchers Gold or 4x Doombar (depending on who brings it)

    Contact me on here, if you need any more pictures or want to ask questions, drop me a PM.



    20200306_184426_resized.jpg 20200306_184502_resized.jpg 20200306_184529_resized.jpg 20200306_184543_resized.jpg
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  2. @docjohn in case you've found a camper without an interior
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  3. Thanks! There is one with no interior at all that we are interested in.
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  4. What's the change of plan, Paul? I thought you might have finished that little job by now..?
  5. Nothing serious, just having something made to fit and a combined hob/sink fitted better although smaller. Got to be finished soon, we have a pitch booked on the Isle of Wight end of pressure

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