Anybody have a headliner template?

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  1. i am wanting to put a ply headliner back in the van, I've got the channels there for it to sit in but the previous owner had thrown the plywood away so I'm just wondering if anyone has a template so I can cut a new lining.
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    I’ve got the cab one but it’s being borrowed at the minute, I’m near Portsmouth
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  3. david ye could make paper templates and sell them on
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  4. @davidoft I'm about 350 miles from Portsmouth but if somebody could do a paper template I'm happy to pay
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    I’ll see what I can do
  6. I can probably help otherwise
  7. have i come up with a new idea lol
  8. Don't know, I certainly haven't got a bit of paper big enough :) Ive got a template made of ply that was to thick, I cut it in half (ish) to bin it but then used it as a template, think ive still got it
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  9. @3901mick would be good if you could do template for me, only paper I could think of using was some masking paper like you'd use when masking up for respray.
  10. I have had a look about and I only seem to have half, the problem is I am not sure if its exactly half so possibly not a lot of use.

  11. Just flip it over to template the other side ;)
  12. Not sure i cut it down the middle
  13. Measure the width of the interior light, then check the opening thats left is half that amount, and ensure width is the same, Simples :D
  14. Where are you?
    Edit, I have the complete OG ply headliner out of Chip. This is only the cab section, just past the interior light. Yours looks like a tin top so don't have all that...
    He is a Westy campmobile deluxe, US Berlin version from 78.
    You are welcome to use it as a template.
    You'd have to collect it from DE 72, or bring a bit of ply with you and I'll help you cut it out.
    If your bus has the Westy channels you'll find modern 4mm ply is thicker. I had to chamfer the edges so the new stuff slid easily into the channels. Imo this was preferable than trying to bend the channels to fit the ply, but that would work as well....
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  15. Maybe easier to make a new template just get some old cardboard and spend a afternoon having a go.:cool:
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  16. Agreed:thumbsup:
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  17. The cab section is a bit tricky for us junior wood worker types though @Geordie. Some odd angles around the sunvisors and what a pita getting thicker ply in and out to trim!
    That's the reason the only bit of the old interior I kept for posterity was the cab liner:rolleyes:
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  18. Think I'll have a go with a bit of cardboard at the weekend and see how I get on.
  19. Maybe a lot easier to buy some white 3mm polycarbonate the type you use to protect floors easy to cut. Selco sell is around £3 for a 8’x4’ sheet.

    You will have to cut the sheet width ways and it will sit in the inner channel without collapsing. Creating a good template.

    Regards Geord

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