Any other budding 'togs' on here?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by dubster, Oct 8, 2011.

  2. i've been into pornography for years. Never seen photos of spitfires like that in razzle before, but they do look awesome.

    I don't believe your London skyline though - the sunlight on Big Ben is all wrong. Great shot though
  3. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

    im into photography too.

    Your blog looks cool. I am useless at updating mine but use flickr alot
  4. Whats your flickr account Anna? I used to use flickr but gave up because it seems flickr is more about how popular you are than how good your photos are.
  5. anna@vwheritage

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  6. Some V cool pics on there Anna!
  7. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor


    Do you have a link to yours?
  8. Added you as a contact but the flickr account is full of sh*t at the moment as I just used it to share a load of pics with friends. Part of the reason I started the blog :D
  9. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

    cool thanks :) will keep an eye out for what you put up.

    Every weekend i am like "i must do an epic light paint" but i seem to just run out of time at the moment
  10. I like a bit of the old togging but I tend to do Motorsport and portraiture. I'm lucky enough to own my own studio lighting kit to which helps. Must get my eye back in tho as haven't done it for a while, so if anyone fancies modelling? ::)
  11. Ah, I have been doing a lot of motorsport recently too. A few brands hatch meetings as well as the two goodwood events this year. Booked up for Goodwood already this year so am sure I'll continue that a bit.
  12. I'm just getting back into it. Bought a canon 600D a few weeks ago and off tonight to buy a new zoom lens for it.
    Used to do a lot many yrs ago in the days of ye olde Film stuff and develop it.
    Been using a bridge camera for years now but wanted to get back o full blown SLR word.
    Here's a few of my favourites
    Grabbed one with the new camera while havin a play
    Only problem is the fish tend to move to quick for me
  13. Nice pics peeps
  14. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  15. Loving the pictures.
    i bought a second hand Canon Eos and have been playing with it a bit but ive decided i need to do a course to set me on the right path.
  16. anna@vwheritage

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    i just bought a canon 500n film camera. can use all my other lenses which is cool. cant wait to get it developed
  17. sANDYbAY

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    Nice pictures on your blog Stu. I liked the car shots, credit to you for getting pin sharp panning shots and having a slow enough shutter speed to blur the wheels. Gives a good impression of speed

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