Any goldfish experts ?

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  1. Its my 5 year olds birthday tomorrow

    He wants a gold fish

    My Mrs spotted someone selling 2 with a tank on Facebook.

    Its here and........... should I get some clove oil ?

    One has a big white lump / sore

    I hate pets but if needed try and do it right, I bought the stuff to make the water safe bla bla, its got a filter and pump. But if its better off dead so be it :-(
  2. You can get a water treatment for white spot from most pet shops, sends the water blue for a bit but gets rid of it pretty quick
  3. Yeah ta, looks a bit more serious than white spot though .
  4. If you have any sea/rock salt you could dissolve 1 teaspoon of it into warm water and it acts as a sterilizer. Ulcers/sores can be difficult to treat.
  5. Ta. I have been trying to take a photo but they keep bloody moving lol
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  6. Don’t take him to the vets or he will cost you a lot more than haddock n chips twice I can assure you . Im sure salt water will help maybe ,if not fresh water , mine used to have tap water when I was a kid , no pump or filter just changed every week but they were fairground fish :D don’t suppose this has helped but fa sure don’t feed them too much :thumbsup:
  7. Rez


    We currently have 1 goldfish. We had 3 but he killed the other 2.
    I feed him religiously every 2 days with a pinch of whatever they sell in Tesco.
    I clean the filter every 1-2 months and completely change the water/clean the tank twice a year.
    It's filled again with tap water but I fill containers 2 days before changing it and sit them near the tank to get to the same temperature.

    I must be doing something right as he's over 9 years old!
  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    Where's @Barry Haynes ?
    He goes fishing for the things so he'd know all about them.
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  9. They swim round in circles really fast when you flush them.
  10. Once carp/gold fish are infected it can be very difficult to treat , it could be one of hundreds of conditions that these beautiful fish pick up and most are highly contagious that’s why some of the waters I fish supply you with landing nets and mats or they have a net dip so cross water contamination is halted, if it were me I would get rid of the fish give the tank a good clean and start again I know it sounds drastic but sometimes it’s the only thing you can do, if not any future fish introduced will pick up the condition, good luck
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  11. Oh and please,please don’t release them into your local pond or river, that goes out to everyone :thumbsup:
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  12. I am going to try and treat and if I cant will put them out of any misery. If it turns out badly they will go in the bin I guess
  13. I used to work in a aquatic shop many moons ago. You can either treat the whole tank with an anti fungus treatment. We also used to do a stronger x 4 dose in a seperare container for 5 min. Also using a cotton bud you can treat the area that is effected. Make sure you take any carbon out of the filter as this will remove the treatment.
  14. If you don't see an improvement and are going to put it out of it's misery a more friendly way of doing it is to put it in a bag of water and pop it into the freezer... it will be asleep before it's dead and won't feel a thing.... never just flush it..that's just cruel.
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  15. I have read clove oil puts them to sleep then vodka to finish off :-( I wouldnt just flush down the bog
  16. Just dip it in batter and drop it into the deep fat fryer. Serve with mushy peas and a slice of buttered bread.
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  17. Don't get very big portions, though...
  18. Oh Maitron
  19. In my experience of fish keeping (marine and fresh water) trying to cure a large sore on a fish, the infected fish must be removed and treated in a separate tank that has gone through its 'step up stage' and a treatment added. I worked in a Aquatic shop for a while when I retired and was often asked questions over the phone, two of which herewith for a chuckle....Question one. Female customer phone call; My goldfish is not well so I have changed two 'jugfulls' of water, 'is that enough'? my reply 'That is the best thing to do but I am afraid I don't know the size of you JUGS'!!!! she seemed ok with my comment and thanked me for advice. Second question. Female customer; 'My goldfish looks very sad today!'' I said to her 'do you know any fish jokes to cheer the fish up with?' She laughed so it brightend her day up. I no longer work there.
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  20. Before you get rid try we buy any gold
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