Another Late Bay original cab rubber mat

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by garytype2, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. garytype2

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    Original in good condition £60
    £10 post

    Gary Coolcampers 07979726763//

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  2. Yeah I’m interested, I’ll send you a PM
  3. garytype2

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  4. I’m interested in that one :)

    How much posted (mainland UK)


  5. garytype2

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    £70 posted

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  6. PIE


    Mat turned up last week, it was a pleasant surprise to find it was actually better than it looked in the pictures, many thanks.
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  7. garytype2

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  8. PIE


    Wish I had hung on though, this mat was actually the one I needed, I was just making do with the accelerator bar one :(
  9. Anyone got one for sale?I am going to fit a vintage speed shifter,imagine I'll have to cut hole in mat ? Seems like sacrilege ....
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  10. RHD please
  11. I've got a RHD one, its covered in checker vinyl but can be removed - I can dig it out and send a photo if your interested?
  12. Yes please

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  13. Hello

    This is the mat - I stripped the vinyl off it today, its got some marks from the adhesive and also a cut-out for the cab heater that Danbury fit to Brazilian campers.

    Any good to you?

  14. Hi, shame about the cut out... How much you wanting for it?
  15. How about £32 posted?
  16. I think I’ll skip thanks, the big lump missing bothers me .. thanks anyway though

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