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  1. It’s common to use the stud on the starter as a “junction box”.
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  2. Would that bit of wiring been done before VW installed the engine perhaps
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  3. I’d expect the wiring, then an engine/ transmission assembly installed.
  4. Easier to put the starter loom in when the trannie's out...
  5. He keeps distracting me too..

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  6. @Mark Darby I wonder if there's much overlap with a beetle wiring loom in terms of wiring colour? I may end up making a new loom for our Baja at some point so if you have any wiring you want rid of I may be interested.
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  7. Yes Jim - exactly the same wiring colours. Buggy and bus are the same. What are you after? The old stuff or new?
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  8. As in thinwall vs older style? Not sure yet.

    I've not removed the main loom yet as I can't get the bugger through the rear quarter panel, but it needs a new one really as some celery chopped through 80% of the cables when letting in a quarter panel repair :mad:
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  9. As you know I've used thinwall throughout. Glad I did, as running extra wires for things like USB charge points, reversing lights, fog lights and other bits increases the diameter of the loom. If I'd used old stuff I doubt I'd have got the loom through the original route.
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  10. Don't listen to him, Jim! He's thin-wall mad :rolleyes:
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  11. I reckon Snotts has carriage lamps on his. He gets his valet to light them before each journey.
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  12. Na he’s in the cool hella spot club! :)
    I suspect thin wall would suit the baja anyway.

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  13. We're the cool kids :thumbsup:
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  14. Pretty much got the back end of the wiring all done now - couple of wires to add when the engine is in and a few to cut and put ends on.
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  15. Blimey :eek:. It is sleeved under the van?
  16. All the way to the front fuse boxes :D
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  17. Just testing ;)

    The long (unfused) supply cable to the front of the van always frightens me...
  18. One thing I considered (and may do if it ever stops bloody raining) is adding another standard 4-pin relay socket in parallel with the fuel pump relay socket, wired so that if your fancy pump relay packs up, you can whip it out and plug your spotlight relay into the extra socket. Would mean the pump would be powered as long as the ignition's on, but would get you home.
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  19. Would a length of wire with male spades on each end do the same? Just remove the relay and plug the wire into the "30" & "87" cable ends?
  20. Could do. Having disemboweled my pump relay, I'd doubt it would pack up anyway. It's got Proper Stuff in it.
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