An afternoon in the fish tank

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rustydiver, May 31, 2014.

  1. Been playing around with timelapse on my gopro and thought I would stick it in my fish tank for a few hours 4500 photos later.

    It's surprising how some fish just don't move much.
    And it's a feeding frenzy about 15 seconds from the end.
  2. That's wicked!! :)
  3. That's a nice tank of Malawi's you have there. Used to keep them but went over to marine which take a lot more looking after but no more have given them up after many years
  4. That is pretty cool.
  5. I went the other way from marines to malawis. I miss my marines all the little critters that used to come out off the rock. But I don't miss the expense and maintenance. At one stage i had 3 marine tanks a 6 footer in he bedroom, 4 footer in the lounge and a 2 footer in the garage for spare. It was great laid on bed watching them.
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  6. I went from Discus to marines, got a 6 x 2 x 2.5 in the living room, bloody expensive thing to run!
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  7. Nice good size but ;)
  8. Will give it a clean tomorrow, been away for a week so looking filthy at mo.
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  9. Nice fish malawis or chilids? Never sure heres a pic of my tropical tank image.jpg
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  10. Nice tank. I love a planted tank. Ive never been very successful at growing plants.

    I think this could be a tank thread.

    Malawis are chiclids
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  11. Cheers rusty showing my ignorance :(

    My plants grow like wildfire have to keep pulling out or cutting them back but provides good cover for the shy fish tho
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  12. I would love marine tank tho arethese really as hard to look after as i am led to believe ?
  13. No but you need to keep on top of the tests to monitor the water conditions. The biggest issue it the cost, filtration, enough lights to put a UFO spotter on full alert, powerheads then the electricity to run them. That said I ran a Fluval Edge marine for 2 years at minimal cost. Fluval make the new Sea range of tanks that are nearly self contained
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  14. Like Colin said its all in the tests good filtration and a protein skimmer.
    My problem was finding someone local for good fish but not at a stupid price.
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  15. There's lot's of people running without protein skimmers now and using miracle mud instead with an algae bed lit 24/7 to export nutrients, I'm running a hybrid filtration of miracle mud, protein skimmer and vodka dosing, that pretty much keeps me with ULNS. My biggest problem at the moment is a flatworm infestation for which I have 2 banana wrasse to slowly work through them
  16. It all sounds a bit technical now.
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  17. No, far from it, the mud is just a compact version of the old deep sand beds but with a high iron content to help the algae grow. The vodka is just a source of food for denitrifying bacteria, my skimmer is the most technical thing I've got (and the smelliest!!). I used to keep LPS (stony corals), they took some looking after but now I just keep soft corals ant they're easy, the amount of maintenance is minimal bar a water change once a week
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  18. I have been to TMC many times and have been in the hatchery and to see the clown fish tanks in their stages of growth is amazing. The best 'clown fish' if seen is paper cutouts of and stuck inside the light lenses of a vw split that does the round at shows in Essex
  19. The thing I like about fish is the chips !!!!:)
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  20. Marines here to, two tanks, its the other halfs hobby, will see if there are any pics

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