WANTED Aluminium storage case / box

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  1. Hi, I'm on the hunt for an aluminium storage case / box similar to pic below with a hinged lid to kit out to make a portable kitchen / camping box to chuck in the van when needed!


    Max height 450mm & max 500mm in one direction (either width or depth), has anyone got anything hiding away in your shed or loft? If so let me know what you have with dims, maybe a pic & also how much you want for it as I really can't justify the cost of a new one!

    Thanks, Robo...
  2. Have a look around some of the online military surplus places Robo
    We often transported kit around in boxes like that
  3. I’ve tried the local surplus store but they only had new ones!

    It always happens after buying something someone always says they’ve got one they don’t use anymore that they would have sold me so this time I thought I’d ask first before buying

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  4. Sounds like a great idea Robo.

    No idea how much they’d be but a secondhand flightcase stripped out could work too and often get sold on as kit changes.

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    Halfrauds sell em
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  6. Or maybe an old catering dry storage like a Grundy Bin would work? Nice bit of old styling too :)

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  7. Poptop2

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  8. Can’t beat a good old Grundy bin
    I rescued mine from a college that was getting demolished
    It’s been on many camping trips and excursions ever since
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  9. That`s an old school dinner container Para , my dad delivered them from the communal kitchens to various schools
    for years before he retired - i used to help him out with holidays etc :)

  10. was grundies also a term for undercrackers in yorkshire? it was in lincolnshire
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  11. It certainly is - an amalgamation of grubby and undies :thumbsup:

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  12. :eek: i never knew THAT! just knew it was kids slang. Eeewwwwww
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  13. Ive got one of them full of lambretta bits. Had it many years!
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  14. I'll see what I can dig out
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  15. ??

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  16. We'll talk on Sunday
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  17. I did have a trip to our local army surplus store today & had a good route through 3 containers but didn’t find anything suitable! Found loads and loads and loads but they were either too small, too big like massive still with half the Amy’s gear inside made of steel wood plastic all too heavy but loved rummaging nearly didn’t go back to work

    Got a couple in my watching on eBay although the used cheap ones were collection only & miles away

    I still can’t get over the grundi’s tho as that meant the same when I was at school

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  18. Also known as Bills when i were a yoof. As in Bill Grundy!
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    You want a big Pepsi cooler really....
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  20. Stop it........play nice
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