Alternator brush swap?

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  1. 1977 1600tp
    Hi my alternator seems to have died used to have to give it some revs to put charge light out but now no charge at all, using volt meter.
    Can you change bushes on this type or is a case of complete swap? Reading on swapping out looks like a time consuming job?
    Any help thanks[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Undo three screws on plate with regulator and charge light connection to left of big screw terminal.
    Lift out. Take pictures of the arrangement of springs and wires. Desolder old brushes. Solder in new ones same as old. Carefully insert into hole in top of alternator. Dont push it down too hard or you may snap a brush- sometimes they stick out to the sides too much and catch. Should be springy all the way down to when the plate goes fully home.
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  3. Nice one couldn't get my big head in far enough to see screws!
    If it ever cools down ill get back out and have a go
    Thanks very much

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  4. Found 2 screws?[​IMG]

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    Ah found 3rd hiding behind post[​IMG]
    Thanks for your help mate!
  5. Rivets not screw? This mean non removable? [​IMG]

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  6. Disconnect the battery before working on an alternator ;)
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  7. Yeah hot enough without sparks flying around!

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  8. Only two screws thats OK. It should lift out.
  9. And the alternator clamp and 3rd screw at end[​IMG]

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  10. Yep, the third screw hides under the strap, as I recall. Just swap out the entire regulator assembly, which includes the brushes.
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  11. Yeah got a set on order, hope that sorts it.
    Dont want to job of swapping alternators over :/

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  12. Check slip ring ,that's the copper rings the brushes run on ,will often have worn a groove . If the grooves are deep new brushes won't last long . To replace slipring you have to strip alty down unsolder replace and true in a lathe or else the brushes will bounce causing probs
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  13. This bit on left[​IMG]

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  14. Looks worn !
  15. Oh :(

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  16. Give them a polish with fine emery or (better) grey Scotchbrite. Should be ok. Hopefully, it'll all come back to life with a new regulator in.
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  17. Mine has deep grooves in the slip rings. Lasted maybe 20k miles since I did brushes.

    You can get new sliprings in a kit on eBay but although I have some somewhere the box has been taken by the garage fairies and placed under something somewhere.

    I was put off at first because you need a bearing puller to get in. At the time I did not have one so put the slip rings to one side as the alternator worked well with new brushes..
    Then I did the bearings but had lost the slip rings.

    Otoh when I needed a spare balljoint boot the fairies let me have that straight away...
  18. New regulator and brush set fitted
    Now With revs

    At the alternator 13.6
    At the battery 13.2
    Engine off 12.52 at battery [​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. May be worth cleaning up the connectors on the lead from the alt to the starter and starter to battery.
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  20. Just Thinking this, 1/2v drop may need that extra bit!
    Thanks for all help everyone

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