Alternative to painting interior?

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  1. Hi, someone thought it was a good idea to use textured paint on the interior metal the last time it was restored.

    Now it has a few brown rust marks showing and is a bit grubby, I don't think it'll be very simple to touch up the paint and make it colour match.

    Has anyone ever covered their interior metal instead of painting it ? Looking for cost saver ideas as I doubt I can afford a proper windows out repaint this winter.
  2. Merlin Cat

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    How about board and sticky back plastic (or whatever the modern equivalent is)?
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  3. PIE


    Mega van mats 2 way streatch carpet
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  4. Thank you!
  5. Any idea what sort of textured paint it is?
    Stick some pics up
  6. Are you looking at covering all paint ? Inside ? Your gona have to rub down and remove any rust or it will get worse if you cover it . Not sure it will look right covered ? But your choice .
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  7. Diddymen

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    this looks quite a good colour match :D
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  8. I used this but the red faded after 4years
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  10. I will sort out the existing rust first. Thinking of light colour anyway so hopefully won't fade.

    See the photo which shows an example

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  11. ^^^ This .

    I was very dubious but pleasantly surprised how easy it is to fit - covers a multitude of sins :thumbsup:

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  12. Any pics?
  13. Hmmm ...
    I`ve spent a year doing the van but took very few pics - i`ll have a looksee :thinking:

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  14. Looks like the stone effect plastikote paint

    Put a good blob of contact adhesive on a section somewhere and leave it for ten mins
    Then give it a push around with a screwdriver
    You may find the solvent in the contact adhesive softens and lifts the paint
    If this is the case you would have to strip it all off before covering with carpet
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  15. Sorry @Dicky , no such luck but in i`m going up to the van in a couple of days .

    @CollyP came to say hello one afternoon and went home with his ply headliner recovered in a leftover lump of tan , he`s not easily pleased but was happy :)

    I can assure you it`s great , i covered the bulkheads in a light tan and black on the front arches under the seats - both were a breeze . Make sure you get their glue - it works !

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  16. That`s the bulkhead area i covered , very satisfying and i`m no genius :rolleyes:

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  17. understatement of the year right there :D
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  18. Oi !!

    I resemble that remark ... :oops:

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  19. :p :D
  20. Another vote for this plus vynil glued and pushed under window seals for around windows.
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