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  1. Fuchs replicas preference but what else is out there???? Prefer 5.5 & 4.5 set up no damage please I’ve got some BRMs.
    Ile sell once I’ve got some other alloys or if your looking. For alloys Ile take your steels just to move my bus about
    I’m running late running gear on my early bus many thanks Nick

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  2. Got some off here
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  3. Are your brms for sale?
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  4. Yes mate
  5. Bought a set of alloys today collecting them Friday so my BRMs & exllent Tyers for sale 1st £250 cash
  6. What et are they, what size are the tyres, how much tread & is what is the condition of the brms..any kerbing, lacquer peel or damage?
    My bus is mint, so I need the wheels mint!.
    Many thanks
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  7. They need refurb mate lacquer peel my advice buy new cheep enough from jbw or middlaland wheels good luck with your search Sir
  8. Tnx Nick.
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