ALERT! Rare crumpet toaster on eBay!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skyelectrix, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Westy Malagas were one year only vans in the UK.

    It's an original bit of kit to those vans.

    My old man used ours for toast, as I have his van but no toaster I spent a few years sourcing one (@lhu1281 I paid bobbins for them).

    Having a toaster in a van is pretty handy tbh, you don't have to do only crumpets!
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  2. They're "crumpers", as we used to call them at Eton.
  3. So wots wrong with just a normal gas grill ;)
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Terrordales

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    Getting crumpets is quite rare here at Casa Del Terrordales.

  7. Looks like an early version of a gazebo heater. Only this one is meant to be used inside a camper van.............
  8. Mrs C' mum used to send her to the shop with a list and it would say pie clips :)

    RIP Mrs C' mum :(
  9. It's in Truro. On a completely unrelated note @Moo is being very quiet on this thread, suspiciously
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    :eek: I don't know what you're suggesting there... but I will confirm, it does not work on the electric hob we have at home. And it won't fit a new fangled Smev or a good old fashioned Tilly Talisman. All our crumpets are cold and soggy :oops:
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  11. Didn't she fly a Tiger Moth around the world?
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    If she did, she did it with soggy crumpets.
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  13. Arnold "Soggy" Crumpets was her mechanic, I believe.
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  14. It’s blinkin’ quite large innit!
  15. Over £100 and no tray ......
  16. Blimey, I've got one of those in my UK westy. Complete.
    Wonder if mine's a Malaga or was retro fitted. What else can I look out for? It was built in 73.
  17. The attachment on your cooker ....
  18. Sounds like yours might be a Malaga. I sold a Malaga interior once a couple of years back. Someone had told me about the toaster thing but I hadn’t quite pictured it in my head, it wasn’t until after I’d sold it that I saw a picture of one and realised how it worked. I just had a strange brassy bullet like fitting near the middle of the hob . If I had a cooker / hob like this with the fitting then I’d snap it up. A complete one must be worth a Kings ransom.;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, it was in my panel but not OG obvs :)

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