ALERT! Rare crumpet toaster on eBay!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skyelectrix, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. as per title! I’d buy it but I don’t have a Malaga!
  2. Westfalia?
  3. Blast! I like mine well done!
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  4. Make it fit ...I did and they are great
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  5. Is this serious? Who the hell toasts crumpets in their van? Crumpets!
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  6. Im so excited i could Marmite!
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  7. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    The tray bit underneath is very rare, the grill that fits in it rarer still.

    Took me off and on 5 years to get them all.....not a bad investment at those prices.
  8. But...crumpets...?
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  9. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Yeah.....but say it out loud and imagine a Sid James laugh and it 100% makes sense.
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  10. I won’t tell you how much I paid for mine inc tray and grill ...,.
  11. We call them pikelets where I come from:hattip:
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  12. Wot are these crumpet toasters your talking of :thinking:
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  14. We need pictures!
  15. Try it, you might like a bit of Crumpet :lol: with butter on :hattip:
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  16. Yup!
  17. Reminds me of that Harry Enfield sketch - " I saw you coming".

    Who the hell needs a special accessory to cook crumpets in a camper van? Dangerously close to Caravan Club shenanigans. ....
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  18. And they are PIKELETS.

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  19. It’s a Westy thing .... what all non westy owners aspire to .....,

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