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  1. Not sure if it’s appeals most of the TLB readership but I’m selling a very sort after Airgun

    Air Arms TX200HC .177 complete with Hawke Sport HD 3.9x50 milldot scope, Mattw silencer and bag in good condition.

    For TLB member £300

    Collect from the Frome area (near Bath) or meet up within a reasonable distance.

    Pm me for further info

    EBB250D2-9183-4B80-A0B3-D1EC175C5B45.jpeg 2AD224F8-6FC4-4EE4-93E2-81D5B0C3E79B.jpeg 6410A765-0974-4372-ACD9-EAAACDEB603F.jpeg 12940B6C-75E9-4C71-8D15-238D67859500.jpeg
  2. Any chance of a sawn off squire and the Peckham boys are short of a wide spray ;)
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  3. i can sell ye some with a bigger caliber , because off some kind of aggreement over here we have to sell a few of the older ones ,rest are being kept for brexit , lol

    lovely gun glws
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