FOR SALE Air ride front

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  1. £395!!!! Price drop as title like brand new TD2 kit with drop spindles air shocks small compressor paid £900 didn’t fit sold my van 1st £700 0758 247 247 9
    I ain’t short of money by any means it’s just a shame it sat there gathering dust collection DY9 I traveled 100 plus miles to collect it so I’m aware of distances to collect stuff thanks in advance Nick

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  2. £600 complete kit I paid £900 & have sold my van
  3. Wow Iv got a brand new full kit front and back for 600£ with a tank and controls

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  4. That was me stitched up then by the sounds of that!!!!!
  5. No t2detectives stuff is well dear I have to import mine from states

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  6. Thanks for the info & heads up
  7. £500 no offers just sat on floor in my unit & my unit ain’t set up for vehicles or stuff it’s a different line of business
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  9. £500 the lot
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  11. £395 want this gone absolute give away!!!!
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  13. Give away prices complete with. Drop spindles
  14. Plenty people saying they won’t them and why is it so cheep lol. I sold my bus and bought a 56 Chevy it’s no use to me any more it’s cheep as I no longer need it & won’t be buying another bus any time soon so surplus to my requirements
  15. Bump to see if any more mid week millionaires are about
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  17. £325 last price before I scrap them & no i won’t give them away I’ve given away £57000 already to one charity and over £30000 to several others

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  18. Maybe give model of shocks and sizes ect just trying to help

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  19. Bragging about having tons of cash and giving away tons to charity is a bit odd for a for sale thread...
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