Air assisted suspension?

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  1. No need to replace the torsion bars
  2. yes, Heritage sell a coilover for the rear:[19]

    TBH that looks like its fixing the symptom though not the cause, plus it's putting more strain on the top of the shock mount than it was probably designed for..
  3. It's a oak interior from SJH joinery - plus fridge plus hob plus plus.....

    Definitely not removing it.

    Weekend trips are no issue, it is as you say the two week marathons with awnings and bikes and everything else.

    A trailer is not currently an option as my garage is full of camper and where I live one does not leave trailers anywhere else unless you don't want it any more.

    I've seen that there was a VW heavy duty damper which looked like a coilover for the rear.....are these still avaialable anywhere? They might solve the issue.
    Does anyone know if the busses using the VW designed HD shock with coilover had different shock mounts?

    That item from VW heritage looks nothing like the pictures I've seen of the VW item. They look nasty!
  4. I still think you have other issues looking up the specs, it has payload of a ton and at this load it should not be on the stops.
    If you are putting over a ton in it i would be worried that you are overloading the van and opening up lots of legal implications.
  5. I'll weigh it but I doubt it.

    Wooden interior - Waeco Cr50 - Rustylee bed - combined sink / hob - full electric fit - propex - Devon roof.
    2 Adults 1 child, small dog and luggage.

    Can't see 1000kg there.....

    Potentially it's a combination of factors - the van will have been set up for the original fit which was made of compressed cornflakes and had very little in the way of creature comforts, then there's the 45 years on the wouldn't surprise me at all if the rubber donuts are the ones it left the factory with.

    I'm going to do as I intended in the first place and refresh and re index and see where we come to.
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  6. My westy with standard interior plus a few extras weighs 1500kg
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  7. Thanks that's useful to know. I might get chance tomorrow morning to get to it a weigh bridge.
  8. Dubs

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    That surprises me! My panelvan with just a rear bench / bed weighs 1440 kg. I would have thought a westy was a heavy interior. Maybe its all the Greggs bags in my van...

    Someone useful info there.
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  10. exactly as @pkrboo says :rolleyes:
    Campmobile (Westy)ish 1464kg unladen, max laden weight is 2190kg
    So, how much are you carrying & is the weight within spec? If you're low at the back within permissible weights then something needs sorting. If not then as suggested, either get a trailer or cut back on what you take with you. Something has to give, it's not rocket science...:D
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  11. ? I can read.... I wasn't disputing what he said ?
  12. haha, not questioning your ability to read, just trying to be helpful with your question vis a vis you needing air suspension or not.
    It's good to talk :D
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  13. The proof will be at the weigh bridge no doubt.

    I suspect it's nothing more than worn 45 year old components - my fingers are crossed.
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  14. If your back end has sagged and you know the dampers are sound and not shot, it may be the torsion bars have lost their springiness. They will have a high amount of elasticity to enable them to do their job, over time they see high loading which negates this elasticity and causes the back end to sag. When they are made, they are heat treated with some residual stress to give them their springiness.
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  15. Well it is pretty normal for a 45 year old to have a saggy back end :eek:
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  16. Wait till your 50, it goes further south :eek:
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  17. I'll see what happens when I get to 45 first ;)
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  18. [​IMG]

    So she is a little heavy but nothing excessive, that was with a full tank of juice, some assorted camp shiz in the cupboards and the roof rack fitted.

    Looks like it really is a case of lazy torsion bars and tired bushes.
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