Ah, the joy of uncertainty

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  1. Hello and welcome from down south in the New Forest :)
  2. Ow do from the Land of the White Rose .
  3. Thanks Ermintrude - it’s a very welcoming forum, which I’m grateful for. All the best, Phil (Mr Happy)
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  4. Many thanks for the welcome and I am going to post some pics of Mr Happy as soon as I get my head around how to... speaking of which, I am very keen to attend the Techenders meet in September - can you advise on what to do if you have a moment. I’m not very technically proficient, but very willing to learn. All the best, Phil
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  5. Thanks Dubs - appreciate the welcome. Phil
  6. Thanks for the welcome Paul Calf - it’s great reading the threads and knowing there’s a wealth of experience out there. Cheers, Phil
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  7. Thanks Scrooge 95 - I appreciate the welcome. All the best, Phil
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  8. Cheers Pony - hoping to make it up to Lancs this summer. All the best, Phil
  9. Thanks Baysearcher - ‘Fun’ is certainly in the plan! All the best, Phil
  10. Thanks Jivedubbin. Ever the optimist that the sun’ll come out tomorrow! All the best, Phil
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  11. Thanks, cunny44 - Lancashire is on the ‘hit-list’ this summer. All the best, Phil
  12. Thanks for the welcome MorkC68 - I’m obviously in the wrong county, if Notts is truly sun-blessed! Cheers, Phil
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  13. Welcome from France – come here to breakdown.
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  14. Thanks, 77 Westy. As I’ve got a small place near Chateaubriant, I suspect I’ll be breaking-down there at some point in the future! All the best, Phil
  15. PIE


    My 57 split with semaphores are self cancelling!!
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  16. Hi and welcome from just about stopped raining Yorkshire.

    Three rules for Techenders:
    1. Bring beer
    2. Er . . .
    3. That's it.
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  17. Welcome from West Yorkshire. Doktor Dub helped me out with a mechanical issue a few years back when we were camping at West Runton. Bloke was an absolute star :thumbsup:
  18. Hi Jack Tatty (sic) and thanks for the welcome. I’m going to see him tomorrow to fit a new starter motor and a few other odds and sods. As luck would have it (that’s - my sort of luck), I’ve just managed to drop a plastic bottle cap into the tank as well (don’t ask) - so after he’s stopped laughing, I guess he’ll either fish it out, or tell me to forget it. PS I really do have all of the jacques Tati films :thumbsup: Phil
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  19. Hi Pudelwagen and thanks for the list ... wait, what was number one again :lurk: Cheers, Phil
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  20. He probably won’t but ask him if he remembers coming out to an 0range and white Westy on a camp site a few years back? He cleaned the carb out and got us running again. Think we mostly talked about Fender Strats though :D.

    All the Tati films? Cool. I’ve got Jour de Fete, Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, Mon Oncle and Playtime. The first three I love, Playtime’s a bit hit and miss :thumbsup:

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