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  1. Hello everyone - a quick intro. With just the hint of agreement from my wife, I bought a ‘72 late bay. Brilliant machine in excellent nick and original Westfalia fixtures and fittings (all working!). A year later and we have changed the set-up (with brilliant help from Doktor Dub in Norfolk) to make ‘Mr Happy’ almost reliable. Hoping for a summer where we can actually go places ... ;) All the best, Phil
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  2. Baysearcher

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    Have fun.
    A ‘72 isn’t a late though!
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  3. some are

    & some of us didn't know the difference between a late bay and an e a r ly bay when we joined the fourm
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    Better late than never . keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine it's like the monsoon season here in Chester.
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  5. There are a few '72 lates, ours being one. '73 model year but built late '72.
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    You learn something every day. I thought ‘73 ish was cross0ver.
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  7. My crossdresser dates from late 1971
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  8. I think mine is one too, the previous owner told me the body was made in ‘72 and it was fitted out in ‘73.

    Does yours have the shoddy non self cancelling indicator stalk, and the ‘side light’ dash indicator light, light switch? Both obsolete post ‘73. (And now impossible to source )
  9. I think they're all a little different. I thought all bays had self cancelling stalks? Mine has the early style column with thin stalks; they definitely self-cancel. And a light on the dash for side lights too.
    They also have a one-year only closing panel at either end of the deformation panel that sticks out rather than the flush fit of the later ones. I didn't replicate that when I restored this area as it seemed more hassle than it was worth.
  10. Mines Dec 1972...and a Late Bay.
  11. There's a thread somewhere on here where we all posted our little ( bus ) quirks.
  12. Oh yeah, I remember that. Think @Poptop2 started it?
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  13. Yeah, the ‘73 stalk was self cancelling but poor design meant a small piece of plastic inside snapped and stopped it cancelling. Thus the redesign for ‘74 onwards.

    The side light warning light was also made obsolete post ‘73, so repro switches are missing the electrical connector for it.
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  14. Welcome aboard, phil :)

    I'm an october '72 late
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  16. Dubs

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  17. Sorry @Phil Carter I didn't even say welcome along.

    Post up some pictures for us.

    Welcome and enjoy the bus
  18. Welcome to the forum from a sun-blessed Notts :D
  19. Welcome from West Lancashire

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