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  1. just had our van in the garage and have been told the chassis is shot.all outriggers gone front end is completely gone holes under the drivers seat.They said it would be 10k to fix it and that's just the chassis angel has holes somwould need replaced .
    What are my best options here?
    I could fix it myself I might have the chance of a garage with ramps but I can't weld although I'm pretty handy with a grinder and could probably prep myself.
    Or doI sell on eBay as a project or break for arts bearing in mind a lot of it is shot ?
    What do you think is the best option here bearing in mind I've never done a restoration before and have 2 young kids so time is limited
  2. 10k is a guesstimate and nothing more take it somewhere else for a quote
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  3. £10k to fix the chassis?! Take it to another garage as they sound like they dont know their ar$e from their elbow
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  4. Got any pics of the bad bits ?
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  5. That was a place that Restos vws took it to a smaller garage he said the same said it was too much work for him to take on
  6. n
    No pics sorry but he had pics and it looks bad and that was before they touched it said the front end was the worst
  7. When did it last have an mot?
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  8. MOT? all that rot must have shown up for years, doesn't happen overnight, so what is the story?

    If its that rot and we can only guess without pictures, if you want it restored and you do none of it yourself and pay for the restoration, then you are in for a big bill. That restoration money you won't get back in a future sale.

    May make more sense to put it on ebay without reserve as a project.
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  9. If its that bad, its hard to know without pics and assuming it doesn't have some special history, then sell it and get a better one.
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  10. davidoft

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  11. And remove rose tinted glasses
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  12. Drive it till it drops...!
  13. Sounds like it’s dropped already :(...
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  14. All depends on how long you`ve had the van and how much you want to keep it .

    I was in a similar situation and did the work because i`ve had the van for many years - it owed me nothing .

    10k as a ballpark figure is the starting point . Once the inevitable extra rot has been sorted there`ll the underside to coat in waxoyl /
    Dynax and paintwork will need to be at least touched up - probably looking at 12k + unless you tackle it yourself ...

    @F_Pantos has a good point , sell or break yours , maybe 3k and put the 10k you`ve saved + maybe a bit more and buy something decent .
    Winter is coming , there`s usually someone wanting to move a van on after "living the dream" for a year or two .

  15. 2 years ago both garages said it should never have passed
  16. Is it RHD or LHD? ...
    and whereabouts are you?
  17. I blame global rusting
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  18. All depends where you take it and the standard of the their work, and also your expectations of how your bus should look relative to money spent.

    Without seeing it, my thinking is sell it, if you’ve got no attachment to it and it aside from the purchase if you’ve not thrown money at it, doubt its worth breaking as rusty,and it’s a long process to move everything on.

    Get some pictures up.
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