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  1. In my opinion, the Add a Room side tent is a must-have for any camping trip.
    It is boldly overpriced
    When it's folded and bagged, it is a bit large
    The floor is either complicated or it just doesn't fit properly. I can never get it together right.
    It's almost as heavy as Yo Mamma.
    The color choices leave a bit to be desired.
    EDIT: Stake the floor in place first. Set the frame properly in place over it. Throw tent over frame. Bob's yer uncle. Floor and tent line up properly.
    This tent just keeps getting better.


    It is extremely well made. The fabric is soft and thick.
    The poles are very strong and durable. (that's why it weighs so much)
    The clear vinyl windows are a nice touch. Very useful on cool days. The curtains are nice to have as well.
    It is very spacious and tall enough to stand erect anywhere within it.
    It is versatile. Use it as a tent or get up to three different awning configurations out of it.
    If you have more than two people in your bus the added space is a life-saver.

    The first time I used mine, we were on an island in The Gulf of Mexico in the Spring. The wind was a steady 40+ MPH (64+ KPH) day and night but the tent stood firm. (although the ground was soft so I did have to buy bigger stakes)
    The tent, the floor and the poles go in three different bags, so although it is big, it's bulk can be distributed easily throughout the bus.
    People say it is a pain to set up, but once you have done it 3-4 times it's a cinch. And I often wonder how old these complainers are. All old tents used to be set up like the Add a Room. It wasn't until what? The 90's that tents started to get ridiculously easy?
    Although the floor is difficult to put on, you only need it if it's raining, so it's not a big deal to me.
    I did buy the extra room that goes inside. I expected it to be about the size of a phone booth, perfect for stashing clutter and changing clothes in. As it turns out, it takes up 50% of the tent, so I threw it away.
    Follow the link below for more information and photos.


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    Great review.
  3. A clear and concise review ;D
  4. Thank you.
    Being such a pricey product, I thought it was important to offer a decent review. I was a bit nervous purchasing it solely on the word of the manufacturer.
    The Bus Depot, by the way, is an uncommonly upstanding company. Their prices are difficult to beat, if even possible, they only sell the highest quality products they can find, and best of all are the staff. Ever-friendly, helpful, patient and always cheerful. They always sound like they really enjoy their job.
  5. What would the postage to the uk be on one of these bad boys ?
  7. i think i want one , it looks very retro . il ad it to the list of possible future buys
  8. Lol in the UK room side tents are called Awning's but I think in the USA an awning is a canopy. Am I right? :)
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  12. Wow. I didn't doubt that you used the word awning when referring to what we call a tent, but it was still a bit of a shock seeing it in print like that.
    Since I got all my information directly from my dictionary, let's just chalk it up to cultural differences.
    Prime example- I bought some good vodka the other day and got pretty well lit, but I haven't been yellow snowed in ages. ;)
    I seem to have hijacked myself. Ah well, back to the original subject, right then?
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    niles crane is out of frasier, had to google denis leary though - vaugley know of him, just your usual run of the mill unfunny yank.
  17. Go for a Kyham Motordome Classic. It erects in less than 5 minutes, perfect when it's raining, and can be found for as little as
  18. I prefer my "Awning on Wheels"...


    What do they call Caravans in America?

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