Accelerator Cable Confessions

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  1. Hi, when I bought my bus a year back, I noticed that the accelerator cable was sawing itself through the surrounding metal - nice! After a few nets searches I could not find a grommet etc.

    So my confession is that I used some outer cable from my bike stuff. It’s worked surprisingly well, but I’d like to fix it properly.

    Any ideas here, is there some kind of grommet etc?

    See picture


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  2. Can you zoom out a bit, please? More context needed...
  3. If the cable comes through the correct hole and has the flexible conduit behind the bulkhead it shouldn’t rub on the surrounding metal – there isn’t a grommet.

    What carbs and linkage do you have?
  4. Ta, I’ll take a more zoomed out picture tomorrow
  5. I have twin Weber ICT 34s with the square bar linkage . Mm, sounds like some iffy modification in its past. I’ll take a more zoomed out picture tomorrow
  6. It looks to me like the spigot which retains the outer cable is the wrong way round? Here is a pic of mine sorry its a bit dark.

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  7. If your modification fixes the issue that the throttle cable termination is not lined up with the tube through the fan housing, then its a perfectly good solution.
    After all if the cable path is wrong, but the 17mm of cable travel gives you wide open throttle, then you cannot change any single part of the throttle linkage to fix it - you would have to change the carburettor linkage arms at the end of the square arm in proportion with any change in the length of the throttle cable arm in the middle of the bar. (Ok I know the maths is more complex but for small rotations its reasonable)
    Keep your mod.
  8. Thanks here’s a picture. Yeh , when I got the van I noticed that pedal to floor did not fully open the carbs. So I moved the cable closer to the square bar on the linkage arm. This helped a lot but not still fully open.

    You can see from my pic that the linkage bar is horizontally in line with the bulkhead hole but is too low in the vertical hence the bend at the bulkhead and the cable rub.

    Do people ever move the linkage bar so it is pointing upwards from the square bar rather than pointing below it. I would have thought that would have solved it ?

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  9. Yep you need the operating arm below the bar :thumbsup:
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  10. Damm, just thought, if the bar’s above, the cable will act to close the carbs instead of opening them!
  11. Just checked operating arm is below the bar. I have got the cable nipple in the middle hole of the arm.


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  12. Thanks, I wonder if mine is slightly different as it’s a California import so has been converted to RHD. Sounds likebe some thinking is needed to align this. Suppose it’s ok for the moment.

    Wish my engine was as clean as yours!
  13. There are several throttle cable locations depending on the year and market the bus was intended for, and whether it was FI or carbs. I can’t see if the cable is through the correct hole but it looks wrong and you have short manifolds so it’s going to be a problem getting the cable low enough.

    Have a close look at the tin to see if there is a better location for the cable, if there isn’t you may have to make a new hole to move the cable sideways and down and reinstate the spigot that the cable is supposed to pass through.
  14. Thanks I’ll have s good look tomorrow

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