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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by iblaze, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. I bought these some time ago
    Decided to fit them and change out the plugs too
    But every time i went in the noisy cupboard they would be off the plugs no matter how much you pushed them on.
    Saturday i we were going our daughter's only one junction down on the motorway.
    Checked them before we set off two had jumped off.
    Abut two miles down the motorway she started running really rough.
    The rain was battering down so i didn't want to stop.
    My daughter lives about 5 mins off the motorway so just kept my foot on the accelerator to keep her running at lights.
    When we arrived i took a look she'd managed to get us there with just one plug connected.
    I've now binned the leads and put the old ones back on.
    Looking tho my order history
    Ive realised the Ht leads are from Cool Air.
    Not JK Doh...

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  2. davidoft

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  3. Nope this type keeps them on

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    get them out the bin and get a picture:)
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  5. Also send them back as not fit for purpose...... Sick of being ripped off by these & other charlatans!!
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  6. On the bright side...sounds like your van’s running :thumbsup:

    Did you get your fuel gauge sorted?
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  7. On one cylinder!! :confused:
  8. It’s 1/4 working! Glass half full, etc...
  9. That is bad - but as said above - JK need to know too
  10. Yes mate yesterday [​IMG]

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  11. I'll get them out the bin later an take a pic
    All i can remember is they are bosch 7mm made in usa.

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  12. Cool Air not Jk

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  13. Bosch leads should be the nuts wotsits.
  14. I know thats why i bought them

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  15. I would make sure it’s not your error before naming and shaming
  16. Baysearcher

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    Shouldn’t be anything wrong with Bosch leads. Even the usual suspects shouldn’t be able to balls them up!
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  17. I woulf check your end again to ensure 100% all is well your end.. then contact the seller for a refund if not fit for purpose.

    If you struggle you could always replace the crimp ends with new boots also.. ?

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  18. Good you kept the old ones as they fit properly. So you are running again. We all have had problems with new repro parts, they often don't fit or work as they should and you shouldn't have to fettle with expensive parts to get them to work. Bosch doesn't necessarily mean quality made in Germany any more.
  19. Very nice! Got there in the end.
  20. Bosch or Beru should be fine. Best to use the grippy screw thread type.

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