Aah the long Easter weekend.... wotcha up to?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. It’s mint I’ve got ice in the fridge everything’s working ;)

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  2. Your not showing off again are ya :D
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  3. Maybe;)

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  4. Yaaay! Congratulations! Bet it felt sweet.
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  5. Fantastic, enjoy

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  6. :eek:
  7. That’s great Geord I bet you’re well stoked :cool:
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  8. Working again, at least it’s time and a half:thumbsup:
  9. So far... this,this and this... FD27510C-EF72-4CEF-8366-4463CDEFC9C8.jpeg 4D8507CB-A133-468D-9AFA-64E94CCCE7F7.jpeg 25B9BE7C-1371-4D39-A3E5-45D04B4D3034.jpeg Ride over the Mendip hills, rowed over the fleet at Chesil, walk down through Vallis Vale.
  10. Result, result, result,I’ve just been given a job to take a fella up to Knightsbridge at 4-30 which is a couple of miles from Stamford Bridge where I’m going tonight, happy days and plenty of £££££££
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  11. Not true, I've been working all weekend :thumbsup:
    Just slept there 2 nights, nobody to pay anyway ???
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  12. Ha ha maybe but Dave had work in the morning so didn’t say up.
    Used the shower for the first time this morning it’s working :)

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  13. hot water @Geordie ?
    Plus the vans mint, looks amazing both outside and inside :thumbsup:
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  14. I shower in ours all the time.
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  15. It’s another level of camping without the worrying anymore about the facilities
    Mint :)

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  16. Wild camping :thumbsup:
    Had hot showers parked down residential streets in the lakes :)
  17. Dubs

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    We done a bit of wandering about Holkham, then a spot of pig bothering...

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  20. Went on a mini cruise to Isles of Scilly and Cork. Didn’t really see much of Cork, but I did do this,[​IMG]

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