Aah the long Easter weekend.... wotcha up to?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Don’t shout man, we can here you in Goole :eek:
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  2. Greedy!! :)
  3. Went for a jaunt round the coast , had lunch then went to ramsgate got afternoon cake and drink and drama :eek: air ambulance landed about 25yds away and attracted attention BA5B41B1-02EB-475D-B3CC-178DAB8A837E.jpeg B8763235-66C4-43C8-BAD8-DAA709B39F5E.jpeg 21A8607C-A2BA-454C-92EC-1F68116291EA.jpeg

    No sign of accident but ambulance came and picked up paramedics from copter :(
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  4. [​IMG] First outing ;)

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  5. He forgot the teeth ...they need to be ground down after the intense heat and collect the fillings up and deposit 30 miles away ..just saying
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  6. Day

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    First camp up in tuscany
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  7. What's the ale mark ...looks cloudy or is it cider ?
  8. Day

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    I love tuscany[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Looks inviting. Bloody freezing cold
  10. @Lord Congi :eek:
    :thumbsup: Hava ball :D
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  11. Looks inviting. Bloody freezing cold!
  12. Whoops, the walk along the beach and around the headland didn't go too well today...
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  13. Why did you forget to take one of your pink crocs?
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  14. Congratulations.

    Tonight will probably be your most expensive nights sleep ever!

    The good news is the next night in the Gypsy will cost half as much and it will keep on getting cheaper per night.

    Cost of camper & resto divided by number of nights spent in it = Cost Per Night
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  15. I claim plausible deniability. Do you see one of my feet in them...:p
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  16. Good point. That must be your foot hiding in the multi coloured sock then!
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  17. It called Chinook from Old Mill Brewery, quite zesty and goes down well :D
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  18. I got court as soon as I arrived £30 a night blooming Dave been hear 2 night and paid nothing;)[​IMG]

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  19. whozat lot ?
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