A weekend in Tarfside

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  1. Might be the wrong spelling but anyway, Tarfside is a great wee spot about 10 miles north west of Edzell. About an hour or so from Forfar at a steady camper van pace.

    Road there is great, a wide single track with little or no traffic as Tarfside is pretty much a dead end.. one road in same road out.

    There is a campsite at Tarfside that is free, yup a proper big old field with nooks and crannies and small areas of trees. The river Tarf runs alongside the site and basically its just a proper cool setting.

    While there arriving Saturday evening around 7pm ( wife was working) we set up camp, me and me old mate in his Transit conversion, 10 mins the barbie was hot and the steaks were already cooking.. a tin of Tenants and a single malt helped take the edge off the cooking duties :)

    Had a great night swallowing one single malt after another, We have an arrangement that when we go anywhere on independent trips we collect several single malt miniatures and collect then until the next collective jaunt out in the vans .. then demolish the lot ... seems to work..

    Sat around the campfire till 1 am before finally retiring to bed .. blacker than black in the van as there are no street lights or and form of light pollution in the area, :)

    Sunday morning up and ready for the big breakfast and since it was my birthday I didn't have to do much except eat :).. Around 12 we set off for the 4 mile drive to the end of the road and walked 6 miles along the side of loch lee.. returning to the van for a cup of tea and some millionaires shorty.. :)

    Great wee retreat recommended. among the other vans doing the fre wild camp were a couple of really well turned out T25s..

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    Looks great :thumbsup:
  3. Looks stunning :)
  4. sounds ideal to me wild camping, a good fire and a bottle of good stuff.......
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  5. If you fancy a trip here, its up Glen Esk. Its a place where you can actually do a little gold panning and probably find something.. loads of iron pirate around though...
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  6. Now that's my sort of camping
  7. A nice find...:cool:

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