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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Valveandy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Collyp has been known to Skype live from the engine bay :-D
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  2. Well it was a lovely day so I thought I would have a go,
    All bits disconnected
    Axle stands positioned
    Atv lift with a lump of wood on top in position
    Here we go
    Having checked that my gearbox was actually bolted to the rest of the bus I then undid the 4 bolts connecting engine to gearbox
    Nothing fell off.
    Next the 4 bolts securing the rear support bar.
    Still no disasters
    Pulled then realized you have to give it a good tug and there it was ......... separate.

    So I've got the engine down just need to take the bumper off
    And it will all just roll out
    God I wish I hadn't forgotten to put the ply before I started:):)
    I will update more soon

    Thanks to all for offers of help I'm off to the pub :burp::burp::burp::burp:
  3. Well done mare! You must feel well pleased and relieved. Well earned pint (s) i’d say. What was the ply for btw.

  4. To stop oil dripping all over the drive.
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  5. Ah! Ta.
  6. Plywood is also great if you want to shift an engine thats on the tarmac, or for taking the damage when the damn thing decides to fall off the jack.
  7. Or formica - less friction for dragging it across the driveway :D
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  8. How did it all go Andy? Will Frank Williams now be looking to employ you to transform their team?

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  9. If you see the price of Formica these days, even a sheet of 13mm marine ply is cheaper...
    I used old packing crates.. pre-splintered ...
  10. B&Q offcuts for the win

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  11. Back on the job again and I have been looking at cylinders 1&2 to start and as can be seen the top of the head is now a rather fetching bronze colour which can be removed with petrol and elbow grease (oil used, Halfords classic). Does this indicate it has all got a bit hotter than is good for it? The engine does turn but is making some rather odd noises.
    Cheers all
  12. If it doesn’t smell burnt, it’s likely ok.
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  13. How long has it been sat, it looks very dry in there ? The head bolts in there normally are the ones that come loose due to the lube, One of your head nuts is going rusty ????
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  14. Thanks for the replies I will delve further, the motor has sat for some weeks so being dry is no surprise. The rusty head bolt was one of the outside ones they have just been put on hand tight to stop me losing things.If I fail to find any nastiness I will be stripping and cleaning before proper reassembly
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  15. Great to hear from you Andy. Hope all is going well both engine and non engine related. Did u manage to do a compression test at any point? Keep us posted on progress and further delving!

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  16. From the colour, the cylinder head has been quite toasty, enough to start the oil breaking down, but you dont seem to have the spreading black stains from leaky exhaust valve guides.

    I would take apart the rocker assembly amd check that for galling where the rockers melt their way onto the rocker shaft with a lack of oil somewhere in their long lives.. several of my collection seemed to have this. I just put the shafts back with the wear on the outside as it is always wear on the cylinder head side because of the spring pressure.

    Keep digging ... good luck ..
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  17. Evening all, dug a bit further and found sparkly bits in the remaining oil, oops. Also think @mikedjames had the issue correct as the oil appears to have come from the base of the oil cooler. So all things considered with future reliability in mind SWMBO agreed a new engine was the way to go and what better solution than to follow mike's route.
    I now have shiny new engine :) also ordered bits to fit the Bosch alternator I bought a year ago. Now spending time cleaning tinware and painting it. Hopefully will make Keith's field next month
    Cheers all
  18. fingers crossed for you Andy :thumbsup:
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  19. Good luck Andy , hopefully see you there
    Seriously, if you need a hand just get in touch...

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  20. Hi Andy
    This is real progress. Great stuff. You must be relieved that you can now move forward. (No van pun intended). Was it a JK engine you bought? When you planning to install it? And final question....how is your head this morning!? :burp:
    All the best
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